What can Drone with Camera really do?

Who in the world do not want to own the latest cool gadget, drone with camera? These gadgets are nothing but remote controlled flying machines or aircrafts sometimes fitted with GPS which has navigational capabilities. These cameras are now available commercially and it is real fun to play with one. As of now it is a bit expensive gadget.

These drone cameras have become like toys which can be purchase online. You may question as to what need to be done with this toy? You can play exactly with how you play with a conventional remote controlled aircraft. In addition to that you can record or watch the visuals on your devices like mobile phone or tablets and can be used to record video.

The models available commercially have evolved over a period of time, but have not got matured enough. Still these are in advanced development stages and are quite expensive. The flying time are not really good and need to be recharged more frequently. The streaming of video is not real time and has some delay. Some of the drone with camera has a self wifi which transmits the videos but the quality of the video it streams is not of good quality.

These drones when they fall from height may get damaged too, and you need to replace the camera dronespart. Though the parts can be easily changed, but the robustness of these cameras is still a question. Again going to the visual side, since it’s a flying camera and there are shakes and the video or photo are not really steady.

This is going to be the future technology, now in a primitive form. These drones as already tested and will be used for delivery of products by company. May be couriers will be delivered using these drones. Some countries have already tested to deliver Pizza and other emergency products like medicines using drones. If we really analyze their utility is unlimited if we start looking at it creatively. These use robotic technology and used for many governments for surveillance purpose.

It is real fun to shoot yourself running and drone with camera flying in front of you. Imagine you are jogging and the drone is flying in front of you at a comfortable height and shooting. You can watch yourself after some time from the recorded video, you have been shooting. It is really cool to post such image on your facebook profile. As days pass by, the technology is improving rapidly and the price is becoming cheaper.