Key Features to check before you Buy Drone Camera

Technology and gadgets are simplified to reach customers fast. Radio, Television, Mobile Phones, tablets and many other gadgets got simplified and became small and inexpensive. Numerous applications or apps have been developed to simplify the lives of customers. The not so recent one in the queue is Drones with Camera. This is one of the coolest gadget one will own. It will take a few minutes to get the hang of it and you can start flying it like a professional.

So what is Drone Camera?

They are aircrafts often controlled by remote controls with GPS which help them to navigate and capture images and videos useful for sky. These cameras are fitted with robotic technology which helps them to be controlled using a remote. These drone cameras can either record and store or transmit images or videos to a station.

Some of the brands of these drone cameras are simple to fly and do not shake even in 15mph. One do not need any experience to actually fly these drones. A few hours of practices will help or we can say flight time will help you to master the maneuvering of this vehicle.

What are the features to check when you Buy Drone Camera?

  1. The Drone camera should have robust structure. This is to help to withstand the damage in case if it falls from a height due to malfunctioning.
  2. It should be easily fully repairable. This will help you to change any parts which has got damaged.
  3. It should have water resistant motors, as these cameras when they fly should not get wet in rain or should not fall in water.
  4. HD Video recording with resolution of atleast 720px and 30fps. The recorded image should be clean and smooth.
  5. 92 degree diagonal with wide angle lens. The area covered should be wide enough.
  6. High resolution live streaming video to the tablet of smart phones. It is not only fun but interesting to watch live streaming videos from your handheld devices.
  7. Latency streaming should be low and the video should be stable.
  8. Storage of Video if required and access with remote device. It should be able to store the recorded image and should be able to be controlled by remote device.
  9. Predefined autopilot modes for flying. The Drone should be able to fly in a path which is predefined without any navigation.
  10. GPS feature. The Drone camera should also be GPS enabled which can help move or shoot a specific location on the map.
  11. Check the flight time. This may depend upon the battery, weather condition etc.

These are some of the key features you should look when buying a Drone Camera. However, this is evolving very rapidly and lot of additional innovative ideas is getting added on this camera.

Usage of Drone Camera

These cameras were used by defense for quite investigation. Now it has been commercialized and these cameras are available in the market. Builders and Real Estate agents use Drone Cameras to shoot their property to get aerial shots. These cameras may be used in future for Agriculture. It caBest Drone Camera to Buyn be used by for monitoring the crop growth from aerial view. This cutting edge revolution in agriculture has already started. These drone cameras can be used in public services and in life threatening rescue mission. There is some testing which had happened in many parts of the world where these drones have carried from Pizza to other parcels. You would have read in the news that Amazon has tested to deliver parcels using these drones. Video or images can be taken in crowd, like example shooting a wedding from aerial view.

Many have started feeling that these drone camera have intruded into privacy as they can fly high and watch through windows. Countries have started drafting legislations for using this gadget.

There are many companies from which you can buy Drone Camera. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quadricopter are available at a very nominal price. You can buy drone camera online from Another company which has launched similar product is Airdog and some of its outstanding features are auto follow function, which can follow you by tracking your position most precisely. Another interesting feature is it has foldable parts which are easy to carry.